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Rachael’s Journey in Instructional Design

Welcome to my journey of learning and exploring Instructional Design. I began this journey in November 2020 through Walden University. I look forward to what the future holds in opening this new career door.

“Find out who you are and do it on purpose.”

Dolly Parton

Latest from the Blog

Professional Development Plan

Objective:  Learn a new computer program, Articulate 360, to build one e-learning course in ninety days. The department’s goal for 2023 is to offer our customers live virtual training and elearning courses through our Learning Management Systems. Staff will need to become proficient in learning Articulate 360 Storyline and Rise to design elearning training.  FormalContinue reading “Professional Development Plan”

High-Tech Training

A trainer will use technology to create, design, and conduct training in today’s world. The question is, what type of technology would be effective and efficient in learning the objectives for the learner? Stolovitch & Keeps (2011) points out that “how technology designed that makes the learning effectiveness difference, not the technology for transmitting andContinue reading “High-Tech Training”

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8 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi Rachael,

    I am following your blog, and I look forward to reading your posts related to Distance Learning!

    -Tiffany Palmer


  2. Hi Rachael. I’m leaving a comment to let you know I’m following your blog! Looking forward to reading your future post!


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